Adamant GmbH has been founded in 2010 and offers an ideal alternative to established tool manufacturers. Growing demand for a specialist offering special tools as well as peripheral products, in combination with service and know-how, prompted us to combine all this in one company.

In a constantly changing market we at Adamant GmbH are aiming to position ourselves with our products and experience as a partner for our customers. Customer focus and our global strategy are ideal for making Adamant GmbH the top address for special solutions and visionary tool concepts.

Our product range offers the standard PCD, PCBN, CVD and MKD-special tools and also includes an innovative new cutting material with the brand name ADACut®.

Furthermore we are a specialist for grinding wheel dressing. Highclass single-point- and Diaform-dressing tools are being complemented by a full range of top quality dressing wheels used for maintenance of resin- or metal based grinding discs.

An extensive online shop will support our customers with quick delivery service and a large product range to keep tool-count low thereby ensuring sufficient cash flow soon.

We also offer to request milling tools, turning tools and drill bits individually in order to supply them with the most suitable cutting data.

Of course all products sold can be resharped or, if necessary, repaired in our in-house workshop.


We produce and market precision tools made of innovative cutting media.

Modern materials like CFK and GFK, which become increasingly important due to their weight advantage and subsequent positive energy balance, demand highest performance from the tools.

Adamant GmbH was founded in order to introduce novel cutting media to a wider market which we want to satisfy with products based on cutting media PCD, PCBN, CVD, MKD and a new full ceramic version. This ceramic product is being marketed under the brandname ADACut®.

Due to its extraordinary properties especially the new cutting medium ADACut® SIGRASIC® inside offers a full range of new options:

The cutting of graphite, CFK and GFK materials and wood can be lifted to a new level of economic efficiency due to its hardness, geometric flexibilty and long life time. Increased feed rates caused by more complex geometries compared to standard tools, combined with a lower weight and longer tool service life, allow for a significant competitive advantage.

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