Our tools cover all possible fields of application. In the timber industry ADACut® and our PKD tools complement each other. While ADACut® has clear advantages in applications such as milling of wooden staircases, PKD shows the better performace at decor formatting.

Furthermore both cutting media contribute to each other in graphite treatment: ADACut® has advantages at complex geometric shapes which cannot be realized with PKD. Due to ADACut®’s cost/performance ratio more and more customers switch from diamond coated VHM tools to the innovative cutting ceramic.

In tool making the high end CBN and PKD tools prove their quality at chipping of hardened materials (CBN) and in the electrode production (PKD milling tools up to 2 mm diameter).

The use of ADACut® in the ceramic industry for the treatment of green ceramics is new. For the time being geometries and cutting data are being designed in order to find a cost-effective alternative to polycristalline diamonds. CVD

New even harder graphite types or the increased use of glass fibre reinforced or carbon fibre reinforced synthetics are real challenges. These extreme chipping tasks demand a new type of tool.

Due to their extrem hardness the use of CVD tools becomes essential. CVD is a synthetically produced thick film diamond which will be applied to the carrier either by vacuum soldering or glueing, similar to the PKD chipping tools.

The special characteristics, next to the above mentioned hardness, include high heat conductivity (leading to lower chipping temperatures) and better cutting edge preparation as due to the missing binder a finer cutting edge can be produced. This ensures a higher wear resistance and thereby a longer tool service life.

We provide both ISO tools and special geometries which can be enquired at cvd(at)adamantgmbh(dot)de.



  • Timber industry
  • Graphite industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • GFK- and CFK processing
  • Tool construction
  • Automotive
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